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Understanding cellular heterogeneity from bulk gene expression data

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xCellView - Visualize cell types enrichments (beta)


A novel computational method for unbiased cell type recognition of scRNA-seq

Oncology Model Fidelity Score

Use Hallmarks of Cancer to compare cancer animal model to human cancer

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Preterm Birth GWAS Visualization

Largest reported genome-wide association study analysis

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10K Immunomes

Download and visualize Human immune system data including flow cytometry, CyTOF, multiplex ELISA, gene expression, HAI titers, clinical lab tests, HLA type

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A pan-cancer analysis utilizing transcriptomic profiles from The Cancer Genome Atlas and the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia to evaluate cell lines as models of primary tumors across 22 different tumor types

PTB Transcriptomic Data Visualization

A meta-analysis to evaluate genome-wide differential gene expression signals in spontaneous preterm birth

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PatientExploreR for the Cancer Gene Trust

CGT is an global off-blockchain distributed and de-centralized repository of genomic, clinical, and imaging data.

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